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About Us


The Ramsey County Deputies’ Federation (RCDF) is the exclusive labor representative for deputy sheriffs employed by the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office (MN).  The Federation’s mission is to represent, support, and promote the health, safety, welfare, diversity and interests of all members.  We accomplish this by representing our member’s interests in matters related to the terms and conditions of employment. 


The Federation is committed to ensuring our members are fully informed with the highest degree of transparency in all decision-making and the use of Federation resources.  The Federation acts in the best interests of our members and the public, striving to build public trust in the law enforcement profession.  The Federation is a values driven organization bound by honor, integrity, and professionalism. As such, we hold our members to the same high standards.  We are committed to working with the employer, local stakeholders, other unions and associations, and the community we serve every day to build partnerships to achieve our goals.

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